The Whole Process

I work with you and your Realtor to design your custom home on a site that incorporates spectacular views.  During the design process I will have a surveyor perform a topographical survey.  With this information and your needs, I will work with local architects to design your dream home.

I will help you with the land and personally work with you and the architect to design your custom home.  I am therefore intimately involved in the process before the first nail is ever driven.  I am the main contact throughout the building process.  I coordinate the work of subcontractors directly.  I am onsite to ensure that everything is done properly.  I help you pick out the electrical fixtures, plumbing, HVAC, flooring, etc.  I work directly with you, not through supervisors or foremen.

I limit myself to three or four homes in process at any one time.  That way, I can ensure that the quality I am known for is built into each and every home.